Just Another Day

Our days are organized around numerous small actions we repeat over and over. What’s your favorite daily ritual?


Well, I don’t really have daily rituals, except usual things.

But, I guess going to dailypost.wordpress.com is my favorite daily ritual. I love going to the site and seeing what new prompts await me.

I admit, I don’t always use the daily post. But I really like seeing it. I like to see what the writers at Automattic come up with. And usually, whenever I don’t do the daily prompt, I just don’t like it, or don’t have any ideas for it. One example of this is from a few days ago. I was getting ready to post, but then I decided that I didn’t really like this post. And I also might forget. There was this really good post that I totally forgot to do.

Well, that’s my favorite daily ritual!


Going Obsolete

NOTE: This post was from jophnist.wordpress.com, although I am the owner of that blog. I just re-uploaded it here.

I don’t like much technology, as much of it seems to be unnecessary and made just so people could do less work. The only technology I would like would be an electric typewriter, or instead, a chromebook, which I’m using to write this post. I would also want something able to play real games that you have to download, and if a chromebook could do that, it would be the only thing I would use.

Anyways, the technology I would miss isn’t necessarily obsolete, just not being made as much as most things. I’m not sure if they are even being made, however you could buy them on ebay or something like that. I wish the electric typewriter were being mass-produced like newer technology, and readily available at a low price. I haven’t actually used one, but they sound so wonderful! Nothing to do but write, write, write! Nothing like Youtube or Minecraft to distract you, just you, the keyboard, and the paper. I would also purchase a record player possibly, and play relaxing jazz music. I really like jazz.

As stated before, the electric typewriter technically isn’t obsolete. However, if it were to go obsolete, I don’t know what I’d do. I get along fine without it, but just knowing that I would not be able to get one would just be sad. I would be upset, but I would know that it isn’t important. And then I would go on tons of website saying, “BUYING TYPEWRITERS NAME YOUR PRICE!!!”

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