Having Fun With Steam

I’ve gotten a few new games with Steam, 2 of which are really fun, Shovel Knight & Magicite. Shovel Knight is a very unique game that seems to use elements from all the classic Nintendo games. When you look in a chest, you look through it Link style, from Legend of Zelda, the map system is set up like Super Mario Bros 3. It’s got retro graphics and music, and it really gave me a feeling of nostalgia. I thoroughly enjoyed Shovel Knight, and I’m still playing through it. I haven’t gotten very far however, I’m not very good at those types of games, but I still like them. I didn’t have enough money to buy it when I got it, but luckily my brother got it for me. He loves it, and he has sent a copy to a few of his friends.

Magicite seems like it was inspired by Terraria. It’s got some things that are similar to it, however a lot of things are unique. I really like the crafting system, as it is easy to use and very quick. There’s no separate window with crafting things in it, you just do it all in your inventory. The game features what some gamers would call a “hardcore” system, where if you die, you permanently die. This reminds me of Delver, as when you die, you have to restart. Many other games include this feature, however. I really recommend this game, and Shovel Knight.

But I’m also sad because I had to pay full price for Magicite since the summer sale is over 😦


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